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Leading Climate Startups Launch Alliance to Engage Public Sector in Reducing Emissions from Cement and Concrete

Decarbonized cement and concrete alliance seeks policies to accelerate the adoption of transformational, low-carbon solutions.

Business Wire

January 17, 2024

Climate startups charter Decarbonized Cement and Concrete Alliance

Minus Materials, along with other charter members, launch DC2 Alliance. Group envisions new pathways to low-carbon construction materials.

Concrete Products

January 17, 2024

What’s Shaping US Product Research: Most Influential Startups of 2023?

This industry involves the in-depth investigation of potential products or improvements that can fill a market need. By exploring new frontiers and integrating technological advancements, these startups offer unique endeavors of innovation.

Startup Bubble

October 5, 2023

Microsoft lays foundation for green building materials of tomorrow

Quincy, Washington – Crushed rock and sand banged around in the swirling drum of a concrete mixer truck here on a construction contractor’s lot adjacent to a Microsoft datacenter. The scene on this sweltering summer day marked another step in Microsoft’s journey to be carbon negative by 2030.


September 28, 2023

Microsoft is testing low-carbon concrete for its data centers

Cement manufacturing creates more carbon dioxide emissions globally than aviation. Microsoft is looking for a more sustainable building material for its data centers.

The Verge

September 28, 2023

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